Computer Repair

Virus Removal, Cleanup, Tune Up, Update, and Upgrade PCs                                                        

Equipment, Parts, and Accessories

Technology Assistance

Internet Support
Mobile Device Service

Basic Web Design

VHS to DVD Conversion



Spanish as a Foreign Language






We get the data off your old computer and put it in an external drive, or new computer.


We replace old hard drives, do virus removal, and system restore.


We replace laptops broken screens, change motherboards, graphic cards, replace damaged keyboards,

chargers and batteries.


Keep your memories alive.

We convert VHS tapes to DVD.


Need your computer fixed??? I can help you with that.

Want to know the basics to use a computer, internet, tablet, etc?

Let us know.


Can't afford to buy a new computer? We bring your old one to life!


Have problems with your router?

Forgot your password?

We'd be glad to help you!


We restore your mobile device to default, (we do not unlock from service providers), save your files from it, replace broken screen.


Spanish as a Foreign Language

Individual and group classes